I can not install FiveM


I installed FiveM today. First of all I met at the end of the first loading the request to choose the folder where GTA is located, the more I have only the following folders: x64, read me! , Update, while in the tutorials I watched it was full of other truc.After that I managed to launch the load and at the end it told me the following message:
Unable to load CitizenGame.dll.
Thank you for helping me, goodbye!


Did you buy the game from Steam, or?


No in the socialclub


I buy GTA V on socialclub


Chances are you selected the wrong folder and FiveM wont work due to it.


Yet I’m in the right folder, but I only see the files update,
X64, read me and when I open them they are empty. But I think I can install it but once the end it tells me that The file citizen could not be installed


Reinstall Grand Theft Auto V.


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