How to uncompile/recompille DLL to edit it?


So i got a simple question, how can we uncompile/recompile a DLL script to edit his content.
I’m talking about the fuel script because I want to reduce the number of marker on the map.


You can’t unless you know how to read and write machine code…

Best thing you can do is, download the source code and compile it with your changes.


I know, but once i made my changes on the source code how could I compile it ? :confused:


It depends on your operating system…

Assuming Windows:

  • Open with Visual Studio
  • Click Build > Build Solution (Ctrl + Shift +B)

or, just Google "how to compile c# library on <operating system>"


I made this post because I had some errors in visual studio to build earlier but I just fixed them so everything’s works, thank you