How to stream "Realistic Driving V" ?!



I have seen a lot of servers somehow modify the way all the vehicles street and overall handle while driving them and always thought it’d be a great feature. I know there is someway to set how each type of vehicle handles and all of the attributes about them but not sure if I need to create a custom script of some sort to actually do it.

If possible I would love to try and use Realistic Driving V from Killatomate but not sure how exactly to get the files from it in OpenIV and stream those files to my server. If anyone could assist me in doing this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance for any help.

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If I’m not mistaken, you just stream handling.xml


This one modifies the rubber friction too, you can’t stream that file so you will get the correct acceleration but the vehicles will not break as they are supposed to and the wheels are not going to stick well to the ground.


How exactly do I get that? I installed the mod to my client with OpenIV and this is what it looks like in the update.rpf/common/data/. Should I just simply take the handling.meta file from there and stream it in the server?!

Also, how exactly do I make sure that the file is being streamed to server properlly? Do I just simply put it in a folder name (mine being assets) and then create a…


data_file 'HANDLING_FILE' 'handling.meta'

files {

and start assets in my server.cfg?!