How to repair : FiveM needs to update the game cache


Create a folder. And place the FiveM Setup.

Install FiveM in this folder.

The erratic message will be displayed. ( FiveM needs to update the game cache. )
Make it close and restart the FiveM Setup. The download of the update will be done.
And it’s done


What is this post supposed to achieve?

  1. Posted in the wrong category
  2. A tutorial on how to click Close is not much of a tutorial

If this is supposed to be help for the popup… then please fill out the Technical Support Template that was shown to you when you created this post


I have surely posted in the wrong category. Sorry

And it works. So thank you for keeping your comments useless for you.


Since you just said that it was posted in the wrong category, my comments were surely not useless.

What is useless however, is this “tutorial”. Come on man, you can’t be serious that this type of content is what is needed on here.


didn’t work for me but thank you anyway


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