How to make a addon trailer attach to for example: bobcatxl?




I am trying to get this addon working:
I can spawn the trailer and all and when I back up with for example a bobcatxl the camera zooms out but the trailer wont attach.
Here is my resource folder:
Any help would be much appriciated!


Have a look at existing resources like this one to see how to attach a car to another car
[Release][FX] Towtruck Script V1.2


In the vehicles meta you should see something like this on truck metas


you can just add another line(s) of the trailer you want it to attach to. so it’d look something like this



Yes I saw that too, the problem is that I tried to add the second vehicles.meta that contains the trailers data.
But when I tried to join the server I crashed, any ideas?


it was most likely an error in the vehicles.meta


hey @Kevi how did you go?, I had a brief crack at getting this to work last night, server didn’t crash but that’s as far as I got.

I’ll have another go tonight

Oh and the zip you have linked is a 404 now


did you ever get the trailer to work. i have tried adding addontrailers they never hook up. only replacements.