How to install vehicle mods on the client


Does not exist anymore, how do I install these?


@Erik-The-Born Honestly man… unless you are gonna be playing entirely by yourself, the much much easier way to get things done and organized for everyone connecting to your server is to do it all server side. That allows for everyone to have the same cars and the same sync not causing any weird glitches or crashing from game.


@killerik Sure one problem, only the models can be synced. the .meta files cannot be synced.

Any other ideas?


Those do have to go in client side. The spots for those files was listed a little lower in the forum post that noah was in. and in they talk alot about the other items such as handling files and such.

Those should help you out some.


Unfortunately that one is also gone. Maybe you can tell me? I really want to do everything server sided