[How to] Install ESX



Here is a tutorial on how to install ESX sorry for the shit quality forgot to change it in obs ;DD









esx scripts:

ESX Base ESX 1.0.11
ESX commands arguments!
[Release][ESX] Base

hello could you help me i followed your video and i am getting this

[ERROR] [] An error happens on MySQL for query “SELECT * FROM users WHERE identifier=@identifier; {identifier=steam:110000111360046}”: Access denied for user ‘’@‘ns534859.ip-192-99-6.net’ (using password: YES)

i can not seem to find the file which controls this.


u are using a wrong mysql username or password

Access denied for user ‘’@‘ns534859.ip-192-99-6.net’ (using password: YES)

make sure ur password is correct


okay its working now but my data is not collecting into the database is this due to it communicating to couch instead?


No its probably because u are doing something wrong with tthe database, you are giving me no info or screenshots and u are expecting me to helpp u, watch the full tutorial its only 14 minutes


what screenshots would you like of. i am not entirely sure what to send you.


your folder structure in resources folder



bro i dont know what u did wrong u didnt even send me the whole folder structure and the files in my tutorial are not there, just watch itt again make a fresh install and itt will work


i have i reinstalled 4 times and got no where with it. i installed everything but the esx cause thats not what i wanted i wanted the mysql-async and the esplugin with essentials.


well what u asking me for then man its a esx tutorial not a mysql-async essential and esplugin tutorial man sorry can help u


you did pretty much show how to just minus the esx. so in away it is


ye but if u remove esx some thing might not work sorry man


hi all i have a problem with taxi job when i want a spawn car, the car don’t spawn and i have a message console :
Erroe running call reference funstion for resource esx_service: server/main.lua:11: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ <table expected, got nil> …


u might wanna ask on the discord
im not in any way or form a creattor of this framework so i dont really know a lot when it comes to these errors,
u can try and update ur es_extended, u can finditt on the github which i linked at the very bottom of the post


Ok this problem is the list order lunch .cfg (resource) and a adress mysql error script


?? i dont reallyy know what u mean byy that my dude, do u mean u startted the resources in the wrong order??


yes wrong order and error script sql^^


well if u use my server.cfg everything is in the correct order there


pretty nice tutorial but ples no intro ;DD for me intros just add useless time to the video