How to close my account here?


How to close my account here?

FiveM Needs in my eyes

Simply stop using it.


What with… my mind?

I’m not looking for workarounds, thanks.

How to close my account here?


You can’t, you can only simply stop visiting.


You have a forum who’s tech is beyond anything I’ve ever used before. Seriously this is the nicest forum I have ever seen. But not the most basic feature. Delete account. So delete my account manually, please.


Nope, we do not delete accounts. Simply stop using it.


You don’t offer delete account. You don’t manually delete account. And you don’t acknowledge any shortcoming here…

So what do I have to do to get banned from your forum?


Is your self-control that bad that you can’t simply stop visiting this site?

If what you have been rambling about in the past is true, this site will cease existing in no time - why even bother being deleted/banned from it?


Because by principal I can unfortunately have nothing to do with this community. So with all due respect your further dehumanizing treatment, please ban me from this forum.


And you can’t override these weird ideals in your mind to simply stop visiting this site, instead of demanding some sort of external closure?


Slander is never a valid argument. If you had one. You’d have made one.

Please ban this account from your forums.


You are the one demanding an action from us, so you are the one that should provide an argument as to why you should be banned/deleted.

Principles are not a valid argument for requesting a ban.


At no point have I demanded anything from anyone. Please reference everything I have said and cite anywhere your claim is true…


Requesting, then. Either way, you should provide a valid reason that we should delete your account as opposed to you not visiting by yourself, such as for example a diagnosis of an impulse control disorder.


Again slander is not a valid argument.


Why are we the ones that should provide an argument?


You have no shortage of slander. You might as well provide something. LIKE AN ACCOUNT DELETE BUTTON.


calls psychiatrist


The forum is not a person. Also why don’t you stop arguing and just not come here. The elements have already given you the answer multiple times there is no point arguing.


He’s like cancer… He just keeps coming back…