How to add the "New" liberty city map to the GTA V map?


Hello, the server “I luv lc~” have a Liberty City map in addons to the original GTA V map ! Has she been released to the public ? If no, does anyone know if the devs want to do it ? Because I have a big Roleplay project with this map but i have found only the Liberty City map but she replace Los Santos ! Sorry for my bad english lol :slight_smile:


Did you just assume liberty city’s gender, that’s not cool dude.


Sorry i’m french so in french a “city” is feminine, so we pronounce “she” !


It was just a joke :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I’m working on it to would you like to work together and btw I have the map in but it takes over the ls map.


It’s not allowed to be publicly released unfortunately. Otherwise you might get one of those mean letters from Take Two.


F**k Take two ! And it’s possible to know what is the developer of this map and contact him, if anyone knows !


You have the LC map with the LS map in same time ?


No people have more informations about that ?


Hey ! I got some tools , if you want work together , contact me in skype : kiomodz , or discord KeyWest#3554 )