How to add custom weapons in fivem?



i need help for add custom weapon , here is the hierarchy of my file .

root folder :

stream folder :

data folder :

client folder :

content of my weapon.meta :

content of my _ressource.lua :

anyone can help me please ?


Pretty sure you need to add them the same way you do with custom sounds or custom hud textures and give out the RPF to all players separately. not sure though.


do you have one exemple ?


No I don’t. (20chars)


i’m not sure the solution are to add it like sounds and custom hud . because that work in replace like car n is why i try with the same method like car mod in fivem .


Did you get it to work?


nop for now , i have not found a solution


I figured it out last night.

You cannot throw multiple skins into the stream folder you need to make one of these folders for each weapon as far as my knowledge goes. There may be another way to add more in one but for me it doesn’t work.


your method is an replace no ?


It replaces the guns already in the game. So this replaces the skin for the default pistol.


is not what i want i want to make one addon for the server like a car . exemple if my weapon is called turtle_weapon i want i can give it with this name not a replace


AH, no idea how to do that sorry.