[How to] Add Addon Cars into ESX_VehicleShop (MYSQL)


Hello, i seen many people wondering how to put in vehicles for sale in esx_vehicleshop. Today im gonna show you how to do it properly.

Requirements: MYSQL
A ESX Fivem Server
A Car

Start off by adding a car (i wont show this step since i believe there is a tuto for it allready) into the game, you need to find the spawn name of the car usually this can be find in the files of the model.

Open up HeidiSQL and login to Database, press on the vehicle “tab”

Right click on a vehicle and press duplicate row
Now it will look something like this depending on what vehicle row you decided to copy.

For the ID it will be something random that your database doesnt allready use, for me the highest number is 360 so i do 361. Name will be what you want it to be named in the esx_cardealer, it doesnt really matter at all. ID is important, this will be the spawn name of the vehicle. Lets say i installed a Audi RS6 and the spawn name will be for example audirs6 then that is the Model. Price is of your choice and category all depends what vehicle but doesnt matter.

When you are done it should look something like this:

Restart Server & Success! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I select a car to buy. but when I’m on the screen to put YES or NO, I press ENTER and do not know anything. It’s as if the ENTER key does not work. No message appears. Thanks in advance.


What if there are no cars in the shop to begin with?


Just create a new line, there should be a car to begin with if you imported the SQL.


Thanks.I found an error in the sql and fixed so now it works.


Have a problem. Then i entered to the purple marker and press E, where is no menu of choosing a car?
Somebody know how to fix it?


II am having the same problem, can anyone help


same problem i press E on the purple spot then nothing i stay blocked in the middle of the shop and cant do nothing… ???


Same here. 1 car worked all the others not. Standing in the middle and all is empty and no cars


When u put new vehicle in vehicles database, u needn’t to write id, base will choose this automatically.


did you fix this? i have the same problem


Yes my addon cars where the poblem. The gamename and the normal name should be the same in the vehicles.meta. then it works great with the gamename.


By “normal name”, do you mean modelName?


example on my side:



I did that but in game the menu doesnt show up anymore as it did before its just blank i just see as if there would be a menu and car but it aint


Same for me. Loaded SQL and all the dependencies. But there is no menu when entering the purple circle in the store. I try to push ‘E’ but nothing happens. The shop is also completely empty… No cars.
I have cash for buying a vehicle.
Why is this ? Seems like several of us is experiencing the same issue ?


Has anyone found a fix for this error? i run a server of only custom cars and im the only one that can sell them by manually going into the DB and adding it to the cardealer list then pull it out and sell it


Anyone found a fix for the popular issue?


I had the same issue you have to restart your server when you have put the cars in to the vehicle shop also do you know how to add a show room