How do I configure my Fivem server to roleplay mode?



I am completely new to this, I’ve just setup my own fivem server but I literally can’t do anything. I want to be able to do whatever you can do in roleplay servers, since I want my server to be roleplay.

I mean, stuff like basic jobs, police, ambulance, cardealer etc.
Also, being able to rob banks & stores.
Cashing in and out money, having apartments, you know what I mean.

Where should I start looking? Is there some sort of kit I need to download and then I am good to go? Or is it multiple scripts I need, or do I just have to change something in my server.cfg from vanilla to roleplay?
Please help me out here.


■■■ is one of the best economy based systems I have seen and I use it every day. I would use that, I would also check out the tutorials in the #development:tutorials that may help you.
(PS if you look as ESX and it does not quite fit your taste, check out VRP)


Thanks for the respone, but your first sentence turned into ■■■ so I don’t quite understand what you mean.


I’ve installed ■■■ and it works good, but how do I get all the positions on the map, bank robbery places etcetera? And especially so people can register their own character?


for registration you need a variety of mods. I would recommend searching around and let me know if you need help after that.