[HOW] Delete unnecessary buildings


HI all o/
How delete under the textures of the city unnecessary objects,
ymap structure (what file do not know)! ((


As Of Now It Is Impossible To Delete Buildings, As They Are Client Sided Not Server Sided Sorry About That


This is actually possible by removing building and associated entities from the ymap they are contained in and then streaming that ymap as a replacement. This is however not recommended because you still have the building collision to deal with. Now you’re talking about finding the collision file and using some software like 3DS MAX edit out the collision for the building you’re trying to remove. Most of these collision files cover an entire street blocks worth of buildings so it’s not as easy as just streaming an empty collision file to replace, you’d lose the collision for all the other entities contained in the original. If you get this far with success you now have to deal with the hole in the map you left behind to patch that up and add a collision. It’s a quite a bit of work.


In Other Words Its Not Worth Your Time Bothering


already figured out
did the same as did with the removal of barriers