Hmm, what ?!


So yeah I was trying to install it and I got a message saying “are you still the one I knoooooooooooow”.

I mean wtf ?


same here…


Screenshot please.


Did you try to restart?


Now I don’t see it again but I have another problem…

GTA crashes, btw how can I uninstall this and keep playing online without getting banned ?


@kendama165 just start gta 5 normally to play without the mod. However remove any singleplayer mods and remove openiv mods you have installed.


@kanersps So what is the 2GB I downloaded ?


@kendama165 The cache for FiveReborn.



@brad2192 Please verify your GTA there are modded files in there wich summon this error.


The ‘are you still the one i knoooooooooow’ means the updater failed processing something. Please try to remove caches.xml and try it again. If that doesn’t work, clear the cache.


I see all sorts of mods in your folder. ScriptHook, NativeTrainer, dinput8.dll (OpenIV asiloader) please verify you have a CLEAN GTAV.