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Heartland Justice System is a Menu based server that offers lambda and simple trainer along with non els. players can be creative and create their Roleplay Scenarios we also are staring to open up the ability to own and manage your business please speak with owner or community manager. We are now offering a nightly patrol that starts at 4pm cst-8pm cst or just hop on anytime!!
In the server we offer many different departments such as:


  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
  • Communications Department (CD)
  • San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD)
  • San Andreas Medical Department (SAMD)
  • Civilian Department Civ Ranks
  • Blaine County Volunteer Fire Deparment (BCVFD)

For officers to progress further we also offer multiple sub-divisions to apply for

  • Detective
  • K9
  • Gang Unit
  • Drug Traffic Unit
  • Swat
  • Blaine County Motorcycle Unit
  • Air Support Unit

anyone can be a Voulenteer for any of the Departments without applying or anything.
But if you wish to become a part of the Department there are Applications available.

Server Photos & Department Photos

Blaine County Sheriff's Department

San Andreas Fire Department

San Andreas Higway Patrol


Server Information

Heartland Forums


Do you have Car Dealerships in your community? I would love to own a car lot and role play as a buyer/reseller


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Is their an open opportunity for a position/ownership?


If your interested then I don’t have an issue


I’m definitely interested in owning a dealership. Do you have a discord where we can chat?


Good players needed!


Players wanted please join


let get some rp going


please try keeping your bumps 24 hours apart.



please try not pretending to be a moderator.



it isnt “pretending to be a moderator” to remind people of the rules is it? if it is then perhaps that should be more clear to the regulars or normal users that want to help.


Sheriff, Fire and EMS still looking for applications


Seeking new players to join the community please check us out


We are still looking for players


Applications are open


Growing community check us out


the discord link is invalid


lifels_good let me edit it thanks


let me edit it and put a new one