Im looking for a website or forum for my server? Can anyone help me


MLRP we are sill currently in need of civs and leo


ahh i finally found the post lol


Thanks dan for looking us up


new vehicles uploaded


Adding more xbr410 vehicles


Looking to hire more leo


Please stop sending me angry emails now that I have left your server. You shouldn’t offer things to players that you have no plans on following thru with just to get them to join your community. Have a nice day


Cool Server Would recommend to anyone looking for a cool RP with great staff :slight_smile:


Thank you for you nice comment


We are still looking for great players serious rp only


Not a serious server at all. Owner does mass kicks where he wipes his whole player base. Inactive owner as well.


Nah, CR did a prune of inactive users. and he is on every day. lying is not cool Alle not cool


That is completely incorrect I don’t know why you say false information. He did a kick of all people that DIDNT HAVE A RANK and were inactive. YOu left us on the spot and you were the co-founder, we were still growing and this doesn’t help.

Just Quik
Developer, Development Support, And Moderator


Incorrect he just kicked all the inactive users Alle this not cool man
Be mature about this type of shit


added new Leo vehicles


Added new Fire Dept Vehicles


Nightly roleplay every night 4pm cst to 8pm cst


Applications needed for leo and fire


Actively seeking applications for State Police & Sheriff


This is honestly a very good community and everyone is active!