Hide server option


the servers list is getting kind of populated, being able to right click to hide ones you’re not interested in could go a way to helping this

i know there’s favourites, but i still don’t want to scroll through lists and lists of servers, trying to remember which ones i already tried and didn’t like in the process of finding ones to add to favourites screen, kinda feel like i wouldn’t be the only one


Filter search:

~roleplay ~drift ~/[0-9]/ will hide all servers containing ‘roleplay’, ‘drift’ or numbers.


but that would hide all the servers that match the search term, i want to just hide a singular server once ive tried and not liked it


sounds like a lot of work for a option that will barely be used


damn, there’s an alot of work? :o




with the amount of servers?? right click hide option would deffo be used


Also IMO a TF2 like “Blacklist this server?” option would be gr8/8