Help with a Ped/Replacing a Ped


Hello guys. Not to sure If this Is the right place to post but I appreciate any help I can get.

Im trying to achieve this here Would there be any way to get that model onto my sever? Replacing franklin another model or even as Its own model? I really appreciate any help you guys can give I have tried so much cant seem to get It.

Thank you Mac.


Why would #general-discussion:feature-requests be the right place?

Moved to #development.


Thanks. Appreciate It


Hello @Mac,

I went ahead a linked you a previous post asking a similar question. Please utilize the search bar on the top right-hand side of the screen before posting!


I know how to stream peds obviously. I dont think you got my question I have already searched It up and can not find any answers. The skin Im trying to add/edit only contains the edited files so there Is no others to replace the actual skin I have tried downloading Franklins whole skin and replacing the files and uploading It as a resource and streamed ped but neither worked thats why I was asking If any one else knew. Please read my post correctly before responding!