[Help-vRP] Spawn customized car



Hello everyone, as the title says I need to find out how to spawn a customized car.
I’ll explain better:

I created a garage (vrp/cfg/garages.lua) for The Families and I set the Albany Buccaaner as buyable car. I get this when I spawn it by garage of course


Actually I want the car to be spawned with this cosmetic customization. How can I set it? Do I have to do it in the garages.lua? If yes, how? Thanks.



You have to use the lscustoms so that way it saves!


I’m not talking about a car I buy, I customize and I save, I’m talking about a garage I added and I want that people who buy this car will get the customized one when they spawn it the first time. They get it already customized after spawn…


Ohhh I get what ya mean… Your gonna have to rescript the garages to do that!


I wrote this code in order to add the garage:

  ["families"]  = {
    _config = {vtype="car",blipid=225,blipcolor=2},
    ["buccaneer"] = {"Albany Buccaneer", 0, ""},

Maybe I can get what I mant adding stuff like this (I hope so) but I don’t know how to code it:

  ["families"]  = {
    _config = {vtype="car",blipid=225,blipcolor=2},
    ["buccaneer"] = {"Albany Buccaneer", 0, "", primary_color_metallic = 057, secondary_color_matte = 056, hood = 3, roof = 2},


for me the customizations of my cars don’t even save in the garage with lscustoms :confused:


So you need to use the one that was released in dankos discord, not the one in his pack unless he fixed it! I can get the link and send it to you!


Sending me the link would be nice


so i looked for it, its seems he took it down!


I work as support there now and they don’t have the tuning saving option but they will release it in next update