[Help] unlimited ammo script no menu


anyone know if they can make a code line for unlimited ammo
i want to do it for the fire script for the fire extinguisher


SetPedInfiniteAmmo(ped, toggle, weaponHash) You mean like that?


that is great any way just to make it for a fire extinguisher.

local ped = GetPlayerPed(-1)
SetPedInfiniteAmmo(ped, true, "WEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER")

I believe


i try it out thanks my guys are going to love to be able to get the firefighting training


how can i trigger it


worked it out thanks so much here it is for anyone else SetPedInfiniteAmmo(GetPlayerPed(-1), true, GetHashKey(“WEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER”))


change GetPlayerPed(-1) to PlayerPedId() Its the same but smaller :wink: and please use code formatting


sorry but where do i have to put it ?