[HELP] Server wont work



Up to date? yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Windows version? 10
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again? yes
CitizenFX.log file

Im trying to start a server on my new VPS from gamehosting.co i followed the instructions from downloading the server and i haven’t put any resources in yet.

Step by step

I downloaded

  • Visual C++
  • Server master
  • cfx-server-data

then i put them into a server file

i renamed the “cfx-server-data” to “serverdata"
in the server data folder i made a server.cfg file
i opened the file and copied the server.cfg file from the site
i changed the 'sv_hostname” to my server name
i went to the five m key website
and i registered the key for the server with the ip from the VPS
i copied the key and pasted it next to “sv_LicenseKey"
then i went to the top and changed the 'endpoint_add_tcp” and the "endpoint_add_udp"
to the ip leaving the port alone
than i saved it and ran the server
i copied the ip and pasted it in to my direct connect on my main pc and nothing came up


Try adding quotation marks around the license key.

sv_licenseKey "key_here_in_quotes"


do not change the endpoints, this is not needed to be done unless running more then one server on the same server.


Thanks for the suggestion but it still doesn’t show up in my FiveM even using the direct connect. In command prompt when i load the server it says this.
"Authenticating server license key…
Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome!"
I don’t know if the key is the problem because it validated the key, but it might be though.
I don’t know to much when it comes to this stuff.


Ya i haven’t changed the port at the end of the IP in the server.cfg. i only changed the IP from
"" to my VPS IP. Thanks for the suggestion


still dont need to change it… do not change the endpoints unless you plan on running more then one on that specific server.


Not entirely sure if this is the issue or not, but I know that this particular server provider was blacklisted a while ago due to violating FiveM TOS… It could be possible that is the reason you are not able to connect/see your server… (Not 100% sure though)

Also, to double check, your server is up-to-date and there isn’t any firewall/antivirus software blocking anything, correct?


Ya i know that they blacklisted there dedicated servers so they took those down. I bought a VPS from them because you couldn’t buy a dedicated servers anymore. I didn’t think that they blacklisted the servers that were hosted through a VPS though? I’ll send gamehosting.co a email or a support ticket to check about the firewall or if the VPS’s are blacklisted from FiveM.


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