[HELP]Say command in console not working



Anyone else having an issue with say command in console? Last 2 nights when I go to put “say SERVER RESTART IN 5 MINUTES” the console sale no such command. Tried again after a restart as a test, and still the same message. Did I miss something?


When you say console do you mean rcon?

Also for the server restart message you could take a look at


Yes I did mean rcon, I always call it console because that’s what the server chat says when I type in there.

Thank you for the link, I will check that out right now!


The say command is added by the default chat resource iirc. So if you removed that or broke it somehow then it would be gone yes.


Thank you, found it now with your help. another dev commented out 3 extra lines when removing the join and quit messages. Appreciate both of you