[Help] Mapping on LUA


Hello guys.
I need start level mapping on FiveM
I start on Solo and now i testing on private server.
I download ObjectLoader but I can not do it.
you can help me?
With the plugin on LUA its possible?

I test the dev this but its not working ^^ i am noob dev xD

local test = {
    {hash= 276224379, x= 1340.14124, y = 656.082031, z = 155.41806}
AddEventHandler('onClientMapStart', function()

while not HadModelLoaded(276224379) do
for _, item in pairs(test) do
	props =  CreateObject(item.hash, item.x, item.y, item.z, item.a, false, false)

Its just a test for view

Thx for help ^^


Help me pls ^^
I testing other code but dont working >.<


why you modify the objectloader.lua file?
what you have to do is to take an “example” map, change the folder name for what you want, rename your map file to map.xml, then replace with the map.xml into your ‘example’ folder.
Add objectloader and the ‘example’ folder name to your autostart ressources then the map should be here. (don’t works for addon custom props.)


When I do as you say its does not work


can be many reason.

  • be sure the map is an .xlm file
  • too much object in the map can make a problem
  • look into the map script, if the map have a lot of “Quaternion” in the code it dont load
  • be sure you add the map folder name to the server config, it should be under objectloader
  • maps using addon custom props don’t works
  • map should have a teleportation point. if not it don’t work.

Load the map you want with menyoo in solo mode. if it don’t automatically TP you on the map, save it again with a teleporting point. It should fix the Quaternion and the TP point issue.