[HELP] Ladder truck script working on server?





So I am trying to get the ladder to work with these fire truck models and I have no idea how to stop with the script that the author said would work, any help?


Pretty sure it won’t work…


So no script would work with that/move the ladder? I know one server they have it working


Alexguirre wrote that code for single player. So I doubt your gonna be able to use his script. Will just have to try and make your own.

What server has these working? If they are working more then likely they just made their own script to make the parts work.


Well I guess rip since I’m a very new “coder” for fivem so I have zero idea how to start


I will ask alexguirre about it when I see him get on discord.


Alright, thanks :slight_smile: It’ll be amazing if he could :slight_smile:


More then likely he won’t but he usually gives me the tools I need to know how to make my own. Well see…


Alright, but thank you for looking into it anyways either way thanks :slight_smile:


I know this is probably REALLY late, but what you probably saw was XBR410’s ladder truck that uses the ladder as an extra and extends it. They do cost $ though.


vehicle gadgets+ is a RPH thing and only works for singleplaer unless someone makes one for fivem.