Help installing Polce Management script



Hello could some one show me how the heck to start police management script on my server please? I have asked but no one replied before. Soooo I have added it to server.cfg and citm thing and when I start loading the server it says sorry cant load this script which is the police management one.

So I don’t know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


citmp? You are very out of date my friend.


yeah that’s what our server uses by ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ services. Wonder if any one could take a look for me? ie through teamviewer or something? Thanks.


You are not allowed to use ■■■■■■■, you have to use Zap-Hosting, they are the only authorized GSP (Game service providor)


You technically are allowed to use whoever you want but its not the recommended host


No, your not allowed.


Im pretty sure you are
@Blumlaut Correct me if Im wrong, but you are allowed to use whoever you want as a hosting company if “They provide it” but with that being said you guys do not assist in any way regarding problems if they have issues they have to speak to their own hosting provider due to the fact its not GSP


You can only use zap-hosting. Unless you are using a VPS or dedicated server.


Otherwise fivem would not blacklist servers not using zap-hosting.


Logically yes, Sure that’s the way it is on the surface and how they made it but there are multiple companies who work within those parameters and still provide services Zap hosting is not the ONLY hosting company out there that provides great hosting its not illegal for them to provide it either.



You should report them to


I Read this

No financial profit shall be derived by the Users from any derivative of, or third-party service,
User Generated Content, or Game Server for FiveM, the Game Services, or other entities
stated in these Terms, except as expressly permitted by CitizenFX. Entities with permission
may be included under ADDENDUM D: LIST OF EXCEPTIONS FOR TERM ‘8’.
9. CitizenFX expressly reserves the right to, without any prior notice, terminate access to FiveM
and/or the Game Services to any Users violating point 8, and/or disable any relevant Game
Server and/or User Generated Content from being utilized/provided on FiveM and/or the
Game Services.

And yes I suppose in that sense you are correct but I mean even when reporting them their are ways to provide hosting services with a panel ect. and have someones server threw a “VPS” and alot of the community doesn’t only use Zap Hosting they use other services and or buy a VPS like myself and host it that way


The only way a hosting company could host FiveM services is through providing servers for how ever much they buy the servers for (I think) and I highly doubt they want to do that.


I guess I started something now lol


Soooo what are the terms in making your own Fivem server I done some research into this I know u can make one yourself but is it legal to host etc?