[HELP] Install mp_m_freemode clothes pack


Hello everyone, I’m looking for some hint on the idea of getting EUP pack or other multiplayer ped mod working on FiveM and FiveM server.

After reading a lof of threads, search on the discord I do not find any solution, this files streaming remains actually “not possible” but I’ve seen this pack working (on some servers).

What I tried : (may be in a bad way)

  • Classic streaming
  • OpenIV
  • update.rpf editing (mods and cache/game file)
  • rpf on addons




I mean “custom/modded” clothes not classic clothes from GTA Online


Really no idea how to get this?


You have to put all the model files into a stream pack inside of your addon folder (i.e addonname -> stream -> modelfiles)


already tried multiplayer freemode models seems not working with streaming


try to get the base mp_freemode model into one stream pack and then add in everything else along with the mp model.


Any updates on this?


Any update at all on this?


I would also like to know if anyone has had luck streaming either mp_m_freemode_01 (MALE) or mp_f_freemode_01 (FEMALE) ped models.

My mate and I have extracted all the correct files from the x64v.rpf (the .ydd .ytd and .ymt) made our changes to the texutres we wanted, recompiled the .ytd and constructed the resource and _stream folders correctly, but still to no avail.

For some reason or another i think it may not be possible, no matter what, i still seem to think the game is streaming the default mp ped over the top of our replacements. This actually might be something the FiveM Devs need to have a nosey at.

But please if anyone has done it successfully let us all know what you did.


That’s weird that you managed to do so ‘correctly’, since subdirectories get flattened (as evidenced by the fact that you can put vehicle models in any subdirectory of stream/ you want), and therefore overriding files in subdirectories (once supported) wouldn’t work by simply creating subdirectories.

That’s also the main reason it is not supported yet, there’s no sure way on how this should be exposed as an API, since not ignoring subdirectories would lead to incompatibility with e.g. people sorting other kinds of models.