[HELP] I have some doubts


Hello everyone, I started messing with the FiveM server today, I’m a beginner, I downloaded an ESX from youtube that says use the base vrp-framework, but I’m lost, full of doubts, I hope you can help me, I’ll be very grateful, I want to learn the maximum!

My doubts:

How and where do I see what are the basic server commands?

In which file can I edit the server commands?

What are the basic admin commands? How do I open the admin panel?

How do I put academy on the map?

How do I add the hacker profession?

How do I activate criminal record on the server?

The cell phone is opening on the “F1” key, how do I open the cell phone “K”?

The server is missing a music radio, like adding a radio?

How do I change the weather-time of my server?

How do I change the time the player lands on the ground?

Here below I leave some images of how the server is:


I searched the files with notepad +++, but I did not find what I was looking for.

sorry my bad english!