[Help] How to make weapon,drivers license go into the F2 inventory instead?



Hello everyone,

I was wondering how do I make a weapons license appear in my f2 Inventory? Same goes with permit,drivers license… since they have been disappearing a lot recently from database.

I currently use esx_license, esx_weashops, esx_policejob

Any help will be appreciated! :slight_smile:


I would recommend not doing this you are better off making aiomenu show license ect… with a menu there having them as “Items” in the inventory would be easy for someone to steal the license and or accidently drop it


My goal is to make it like a item because it keeps disappearing from user_licenses when esx_policejob is turned on in server.cfg or when esx_policejob glitches out and the function to see id card or search someone doesn’t work that’s when I know the database is fed up again. Any ideas to make all licenses as items instead?



Currently from my knowledge is that searching or IDing people when apart of the job “Police” they must have a drivers license to be able to search them and or ID them, but its not the same for the job Mafia, which is odd mafia doesnt need people to have drivers license but police needs them to have one. its not really a glitch its just a requirement that needs to be removed in your script take a look in there :slight_smile: should fix the issue look at mafia and look at police they both are simular but different in that sense


Can anyone guide me through how to do this? I’d appreciate your help!
I want to make all licenses become items instead… like a weapon.

P.s I removed the license requirement for the police job.