[Help] fivem-mapeditor


Hello, how can I use this map editor for fivem, I do not know if it is a resource for the server ??


I think you need to compile it first, because it’s in development stage? @mraes


Here is a map maker for fiveM, server resource.


Download the zip called mapeditor from here under the releases page. Haven’t tried it, but pretty sure that will work.


There is a reason why this hasn’t been released ln these forums yet. It’s not ready, all in due time. No support but always open to feedback to whoever gets the latest pre-release running.


It’s ok bro, thank you very much for replying :slight_smile:


I thought this worked because I watched this video

But it’s clear to me with your answer :wink:


It appears that the project of mapeditor is closed.