[HELP] Esx_Status (bars)



Does anyone know how to leave the bars of hunger and thirst of the esx_status, one in front of the other, instead of being one on top of the other? As for example in the following images, mine is currently one on top of the other, I would like to put one in front of the other as in the other image!

As mine is now:

As I want:

Sorry for my English


First off, ask on the ESX discord, second, should be easy changes in config.lua or something.


I was workin on it to, but no success.


as i said, ask on the esx discord or orignial topic :slight_smile:


I think I have to redo the script, leaving 1 function for the head bar and another for the bar of hunger … so we can adjust each one in a way


I believe that they will not have time for this, better to return to the community … I will continue trying if I succeed, I will publish for all


Dude, the people on esx discord helps atlest 10 people a day with all crazy stuff that can take hours upon hours.


Could you send me the link?


I don’t have a link but just search for es_extended and you should find one


Either reachout to the ESX discord or make an issue on their github:

This is not FiveM development related :lock:


Okay bro, thank’s…