[HELP]Display job under silver


Hello, I have modified the files as you said but I have a shift in the display and in the name of metier its me but “RANDOM” can please you please.
I you but the file I have modified so that you see or find my error.

ui.html (2.7 KB)
main.lua (2.5 KB)
server.lua (8.1 KB)

Here is how the display happens but on my server.

Try the following:

Edit “essentialmode/ui.html” with the following:

Add the code below to the javascript:

if(item.setJob == true){
document.getElementById(“job”).innerHTML = "Job: " + item.job;

Add <div id="job"></div> below the "money" div tags.

Edit “essentialmode/client/main.lua”

Add the following coode at the bottom of the file

AddEventHandler(“es:setJobDisplay”, function(name)
setJob = true,
job = name

Edit “fivem-loadouts/loadout/server.lua”

Add TriggerClientEvent("es:setJobDisplay", player, loadout.name) to the end of the "doLoadout" event.

thank you in advance


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