[HELP] dead at each connection


Explanation of the problem: Hello my problem is that the player died each connection is have to wait for the respawn I do not understand thank you for your help



why did you place this topic in releases ?


I was wrong sorry sorry


This is not the place either, you’re asking for help when it’s not a bug, #technical-support please and also republish this with the preset topic template filled in :slight_smile:


This isnt technical support either. Its a problem with esx ambulance job. And you should ask in that topic. But since your using the anti-alt f4 version, no support is offered there. So learn to read the code and correct the issue yourself. Or use the original ambulance job by gizz.


@bills I’ll give you a hint. The problem lies here: isalife2. Check the script and your DB.:wink:


thank you I will try Desole I am French for translation


@HST : it’s good thanks to you


Wow you couldve messed up his name in a millions different ways but you found a new one!


I really dont care. Ive been called worse. Lol. Just happy to help.


@HST thank you is sorry


the problem comes from the automatic translation after I think the error happens to everyone finally


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