[HELP] Converting Replace Cars to Add-On


I am trying to convert my replace police cars to add on.
I can get the vehicles.meta from OpenIV, but the carvariations.meta+carcols.meta is nowhere to be found (for the default police cars).
If someone has the default carvariations.meta and carcols.meta, it would be appreciated.
Or if anyone could help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Never Mind. I have done this myself.
Reply if needs help.


How did you do that?


@SouthernFuture i have all the replacements to add-on but every time or once in awhile they say they spawned but it wont spawn do you know the reason


Not too sure.
That issue has never occurred with me.
I’ll look into it


Thats because they are modded so just give it chance


how did you do it can u help me plz