[HELP] Can't spawn in some addon cars

As the title stated, I can spawn in other addon cars just fine but not some specific vehicles. This is the error I get when spawning in the vehicle, this is the vehicle I tried to add https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2014-range-rover-sport-svr-5-0-v8-replace . There’s still other vehicles I tried to add into my server but I keep getting this error when spawning in the vehicles, therefore all I did was just remove it and try other vehicles but I really like this and would like to add this into my server. Would appreciate any help for this error.

first of all you download SVR14.zip (5.4 KB)
… this is the vehicle correctly configured as an addon for fiveM you just have to copy all streaming data into the folder “streaming”

Create the folder SVR14 in resources and copy the contents of the ZIP into it and in the folder “stream” the SVR14.yft SVR14.ytd SVR14_hi.ytf should be streamed. then add the following to the .cfg

start SVR14

in the game you can then use the following chat command to test
/car SVR14

That is exactly what i did and i still get this error

edit: i can spawn the car in my test server but not my zap hosting server

edit again: managed to get it solved by clearing the cache, didn’t think of that earlier, i’m dumb