[Help] Anyone know the animation name is this mod?


this is the mod i cant find the name of the animation is it a custom one?


Still need help please :smiley:


Bump I am thinking its a custom animation cause I cant find it at all.
if so can you add custom animations to fivem?


Still need help please


i take it that its a custom animation


I still can’t find it I went through all the weapons animations but i don’t wanna go through 10000 so if anyone one knows that would be great


bump still need help


bump i know one animation but it’s for the cops - aim_2_holster

but i’m also looking for the “gangster” animation…



whats the name of that animation? thats what the original thread was about


Ask the mod developer?


if you would look at the comments people did and he never got back aka why i posted it here



if you havent found them jet