[Help] Add hand shaking



Greetings. How to do player “hand shaking”? I want to add some bullet spread while someone shooting.
I tried with camera shaking:

		if IsPlayerFreeAiming(PlayerId()) then
			shake_counter = shake_counter + 1
			if (shake_counter % 5 == 0) then ShakeGameplayCam('LARGE_EXPLOSION_SHAKE', 0.035) end
		elseif IsPedShooting(ped) then
			ShakeGameplayCam('LARGE_EXPLOSION_SHAKE', 0.05)

But after 2 mins of shooting my eyes hurt

The best thing camera should not move, but hands a little move left, right, up and down randomly.
If this impossible: how to add some moving to crosshair?:upside_down_face:


try SMALL_EXPLOSION_SHAKE i guess, don’t really know any other way of moving the crosshair


I tried every kind of SHAKE by ShakeGameplayCam
LARGE_EXPLOSION_SHAKE is better i think