Hanger Rp



Hello There FiveM Communtiy,

The Hangar RP is currently in Beta. We are currently public to build the community and will create a whitelist server when we start growing. We have a dedicated developer who is working countless hours to bring a REALISTIC roleplay experience to you.

Our server features 20+ custom vehicles, and everything you will need to create good and fun rp experiences.

We strive on serious roleplay and have strict guidelines in place to foster a healthy roleplay experience for everyone.

We are not interested in GTA:O Type roleplay. We ARE interested in well thought out characters, stories, and serious fun.

Even if you aren’t a high level roleplayer but are willing to learn and practice your roleplay to become better please come and join us.

There are all kinds of roles open from Police to Fire and EMS and of course the civilians. Our Gangs are whitelisted to help keep the random crime down. We aren’t interested in cops vs robbers or random instances of silly crimes. Crimes must have a reason and a story behind them.

Come build those stories and be a part of our great community!

Join Discord and staff will assist you in the right direction!

Discord: https://discord.gg/qh2b587

We look forward to you coming by and at least checking us out. You will find very quickly that we are a welcoming family! Thank you for joining us!


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