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Gunslinger’s Roleplay
Loyalty - Realism - Professionalism

Hello, and welcome to the Official Gunslinger’s FiveM Roleplay Community . Thank your for checking out our Server Bazaar!

Here is some information about the server that you may want to know:

  • We are a Vmenu based server
  • We have 5 Departments to choose from: BCSO, LSPD, SASP, Communications Department, and Civilian Department
  • Each department consist of its own Command Staff who run each department while also working to make the community the best it can be.
  • We opened in February of 2019 and have been going strong since.
  • All development is done with our own team, we do not have any outsourcing.
  • We have many custom police vehicles, and Civilian vehicles.

Departments and Sub-Divisions

Los Santos Police Department

  • Traffic Service Unit
  • Port Authority

Blaine County Sheriffs Office

  • Blaine County Investigations
  • Los Santos Metro
  • K-9

San Andreas State Police

  • H.E.A.T
  • Crime Suppresion Division
  • Motor Unit

Civilian Operations

  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Freedom Towing
  • Knight Brothers Bail Bonds
  • Atlas Secuirty

San Andreas Special Operations

  • Air Support Operations
  • San Andreas Special investigations
  • Special Weapons and Tatics
  • San Andreas game Warden

San Andreas Communications Department

  • San Andreas Flight Administration


Discord: Apply here

Website: Apply here

Features we offer are:

  • CAD/MDT System
  • Exclusive Vehicles
  • Custom Uniforms
  • Radar System
  • Luxart Vehicle Control

Our requirements to apply:

  • A copy of GTA V (You do not need, if you are applying for Dispatch)
  • Be willing to use TeamSpeak3 and Discord
  • Be able to speak conversational English
  • Be at least 16+ years of age

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we encourage you to contact us via Discord or email ( Discord works best).

Patreon: Donate here


Fan Discord:



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Here in GSRP, we are a Family Oriented Professional & Drama-Free Community.
We Strive on Teamwork, Success & just plain Fun Roleplay.
We are a Family in GSRP. All of our members get along perfectly.
We Encourage you to Apply & hopefully be able to be apart of our great group.


Gunslingers Roleplay is dedicated to its members as well as the FiveM Community. The GSRP Staff & Administration Team welcome their visitors in their discord daily, answer any questions that potential applicants may possess as well as assists the applicant during the application process. I highly recommend applying to Gunslingers Roleplay!! ![551879156565278730|64x64](upload://weaC424Ngun5jM3I9kSzX0rJFxt.png)

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I just want to welcome everyone to the Gunslingers Roleplay Forum. Please feel free to check out discord and look in the department portals to get a better view of what our departments are like here. Also we invite you to fill out an application located on please be sure to have a amazing time here at GSRP.
-Undersheriff C. Hill




The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office investigations unit, commonly referred to as “BCIU”, is opening applications on Friday April 12th, 2019. The applications will remain open for a period of two weeks, closing on Friday April 26th, 2019. Applicants that have been accepted will be notified on Sunday April 28th, 2019

The BCIU is a very prestigious and reputable sub-division within the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. We investigate many different situations, from traffic collisions to shootings. Our members must be thoroughly trained and possess specific traits.

If accepted, you will begin attending a training course. Times and dates of these courses will be debated amongst the accepted applicants. This training course will cover three major topics:

  1. Understanding of the BCIU
  2. Investigative Methods and Procedures
  3. General Skills

If you would like a chance to apply to the BCIU, you must complete these three steps:

  • Submit an application to the Gunslingers Roleplay Community
  • Complete training and your probationary period in the Sheriff’s Office
  • Submit an application to the BCIU sub-division

You can apply to the community by visiting

I hope to see your application!


Tyler K, 3C-98


Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit


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We are currently looking for a civilian director if you wish to try out for the position we will conduct interviews this saturday on April 13th



Join today! GSRP is always looking for new members and hiring in all departments!


Is it possible for me to rp as a police dog at all? I’ve kinda always wanted to be one.


Yes you would have to first join the community then be approved by our Sheriff



The pictures are sick af! My inactive ass needs to patrol. xD


absolutely a great community to join, love it!!!


We are still actively recruiting as of Monday April 27th, 2019. Be sure to check us out!


You looking for staff?


You can apply and work your way up the cahin of command but no we are not just giving out staff


Ye I mean where can I apply.


There is a link to our website and our discord where you can apply on both