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I Am Glad To Announce GMPRPC Is Now Open For Applications!

Greater Manchester Roleplay Community is A Realistic roleplay group based around the Greater Manchester Police Service. Greater Manchester is a diverse place and therefore we require a diverse group of officers to deal with the crime within Greater Manchester.

From Busy Streets, To Quiet Back roads, the underground life of Greater Manchester’s criminals falls on GMP RPC To dig up. We also have the North West Ambulance Service and The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service Available when needed.

Joining The Force Requires Professionalism, Maturity and the Ability to handle anything and everything.

We Have:
Custom Vehices
Custom Peds
Live Police Mapping Systems
Customised CAD
Custom Scripts

Our Officers Can. But Can You?

We Are Currently Recruiting On Our Website.

Where Could You Be In The Force?
Find Out Now!

Apply at
For Developer Applications: Emai


Sounds good. I’ll drop by later :slight_smile:


Recruitment Info Updated