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Georgia State Roleplay
Age Limit: 13 years

About us:
GSRP is a community that is dedicated to having the most fun and showing not only serious roleplay, but also with a family experience.

Family Experience
Georgia State RP provides you with a family, that is always there for you, and gets along. We want that family experience to thrive within this community. Unlike many roleplay communities, we interact with community members while not roleplaying, where we can all have fun.

Roleplay Experience:
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be great. We insure you a great role play experience, based on real Georgia laws and state certified law enforcement officials.

Server Development:
If you are worried about the server not being well created, or developed, not to fear. 1) It has many great features, vehicles, etc. that extensively build on your experience. 2) Any member, staff, administration, can input suggestions directly to someone, where it will be looked over extensively, before approval or denial.

Many Departments:
There is a diversity of departments to choose from in GSRP. All individuals must enroll into a GPSTC Training Class after submitting an application for a said department.

• Georgia Department of Public Safety
• Fulton County Sheriff’s Office
• Atlanta Police Department
• Fulton County Fire & Rescue

New Opportunities:
As you may see we have many departments to choose from. We’re looking for more players to fill up all of our spots. We’re Hoping to gain many members. I highly encourage you to join as many opportunities are still open. Promotions are handed out by evaluation from Command Staff. To top it off, we have lots of ranks to work for. So what do you say? Come on over, and have the best role playing experience ever!

We can’t wait to see you!


I’m not sure if saying this is allowed, but:

You would have much better luck recruiting for your group if you didn’t randomly join other clans discord servers just to post the link to yours. That kind of thing is a great way to earn a bad rep very fast. Just my advice.


Admins don’t really care about the server that much, and only make your experience worse, at least most of them.
There are some nice people there, but admins are too strict on the small details and ignore the bigger ones, I can clearly say that joining this server was my WORST FIVEM EXPERIENCE. I will never ever come back here, and I do not recommend you even trying it out.
Just dreadful experience, nothing else.


Terrible server, admins are useless and hypocritical fail rp abounds




I guess I can’t join, I’m above 13…