Gang scripts


I would like to know is there any gang scripts available?Like ballas or grove gang scripts?


What exactly do you mean by this?


Is there anybody who have made a gang script like you could join ballas or grove gang and be part of it.


But, what should you be able to do in the gangs?


Slang drugs,protect hood,do a hood roleplay and sell guns illegaly and so on.


And why would you need a script for this? Couldn’t you just RP it? If you have those features in your server already what would “press E to join the ballas” do? The best RP I’ve seen was in the SOE days, they had very little script content. The best RP comes from you, not a script. (Just my opinion)


Well, it sucks when a rival gang comes to your area and you start shooting them because they start shooting you and then your “homies” kill you for shooting. It sucks. I have been looking for weeks for something to fix this and make them friendly.


Take a look at this thread and adapt it to your needs.


Well, in theory, just make whitelisted (not visible in JobCentre) script names “Ballas” and then set and exception of aggressive behaviour towards the job “Ballas” as stated one comment above. That should work :+1: