Game crashes when connecting to server


Hi Guys, I have seen alot of posts about this but nobody has a final answer for me… I am that 1 unlucky guy that always has troubles with running the games normally while all my friends can play these kind of mods without any problems…

Start up Fivereborn.exe, everything looks fine, see all the servers, no problems at all… I connect a server… game loads up… Then i see 1 frame of the map loading up and BAM… game crashes… I have no idea how I can fix this and was hoping you guys could help me out…

I already did this: “Disable “Pause Game on Focus Loss” in the game itself.”… But unfortunately that didn’t work.

I copied the CitizenFX.log for you guys, but it’s extremely long… Hope you guys can help me out…

Would love to play the Fivereborn Client.

Thnx Guys!



I have been playing a lot recently with no issue but, today I cannot seem to connect to any server the box in the top left corner remains red and I cannot see anyone.