FXServer use more bandwidth than legacy?


Hello, ever since the upgrade from legacy CitizenFX server to FXServer back in late July, early August. My bandwidth usage has significantly increased.and last few months had reached the 1TB limit that I have with my ISP. My question is is this the case, does FXServer use more internet resources than the old one? If so any help on lowering it and reducing bandwidth being used? I am streaming YMAP files, a few textures and a lot of scripts, right now my resources folder stands at about 40MB last month was 200MB. Also am running Essentialmode and ASync with MYSql


No, FXServer does not use more then the old one… at all.

Whatever is using your bandwidth is not fivem’s fault, you may want to check to see if there is an app in the background downloading or seeding something “torrents”.

and maybe check for virus’s.