[Free] Developer For Hire



Hi all!

My name is Tyler and I’m looking to help you guys out when it comes to development!

I’d like to start off by saying that unlike other developers about, I’m not interested in screwing you over, I’d rather do solid work and do a good job for you to expand my own experience :wink:

So what can I do for you? Well to start, I’m an avid web developer with experience working with arma 3 map editor and scripting. I’m also experienced in HTML and CSS as well as a little JavaScript on the side. Outside of web development, I tend to spend most of my time developing websites and starting to get into re-texturing models, as well as writing mod configs so I can help you out there too!

If you want to get in touch with me, the best thing to do is add me on steam, but you can also add me on discord


Discord: Tyler Moose#6227

I want to finish by saying thanks for your interest and I hope to work with you in the future!

Kind Regards,
Tyler Moose


Ah, but that would be against FiveM’s ToS


Not making money off the five m development i have a web development business that i make money on the side with


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Hi Mr.Tyler
We are interested in your developing, could you visit https://discord.me/carpofficial so we could discuss future plans?
Best regards.


Wouldn’t recommend, payed him got him a 40$ addon for Black Ops, Its been a month never got what I payed for. If your gonna use him, make sure you dont get scammed like I did. DISCLAMER Bought a banner of him for a Arma 3 Community, that community is know down, but I would still like my banner @Tyler


Alright , thanks for letting me know , appreciated!


I bought a banner, he gave me a template and said it was “temporary”. Still haven’t got my real banner, uhmm and when I asked him if he did Arma Stuff he said he only knew the basic, so use him at your own risk, not guaranteeing a scam. But I have the papers for the purchase I made for him and the template then he got off the internet and put the community name.


Hi tyler my community and I are looking for a developer to work on our server for us because we are really needing one bad if you want to contact me i can either give you my email or discord or even teamspeak if needed


Who even are you ? i dont do any gfx work at all


Owner And Designer For Frost Lab | Studios [www.frostlab.com] Yes you dont do GFX stop bullshitting, your a straight lier i am even going to put the proof I payed you 40$ for the Game and put all our chat messages because I save shit dumb ass


@TylerMoose. Friend request sent on steam mate.


Hi Im Looking For A Dev For My New Server If U Can Add Me On DiscordZemzy🐍1🇦🇺
#1176 Thanks


Umm okay then post it if u have it because idk you nor have i ever charged for gfx that i dont do


To anyone looking for a developer, I wouldn’t recommend this guy, he told us he didn’t know how to install scripts or setup a MySQL database.