Flatbed with siren and lights?



Hi guys, i was thinking it would be nice to improve mechanic mechanics ( :smiley: ) with a flatbed with siren and lighs like police and ambulance. What do you think? There is any programmer interested in create something like that?


This is not a feature that should be implemented into the core of FiveM.

moved to: #development:scripts :mascot:


all you need is make a carvariation for that model and make lights/sirens in the carcols


can you enlighten me on how to do that. I am new at doing scripting and so far it’s been a bust


you have to follow the gta setup when you stream cars usually it comes with the meta files those meta files control what the car does what modkits it has what colors etc , so you would have to find one thats already out there and implement it into the server, or make a custom one for the vanilla car which u can go to carvariations.meta and make an entry for flatbed start a new entry follow the other examples and set a sirensetting, you might have to create a custom sirensetting in the carcols meta thats what controls the lights rotation, position, colors etc


ok kewl. Thank you. This is very helpful and I appreciate it very much


light and sirens in future


Damn, nice work! Looking forward to the final touch! :smiley: