Flag Change


Is it possible to change country flag in the server as well as it be streamed to everyone?


What ‘country flag’ are you talking about?


Canada. Like being able to change a usa scenario server to Canadian style.


Still not quite sure what “flag” you’re talking about, if you mean a flag inside of GTA then you’d have to change your game files which everyone else would have to do as well in order to see the change.


So no server side plugin can do that?


In that case, nope, not that I’m aware of.


Yeah, you’ll have to pull the .ytd file from your game files. Plus point however is that the Canadian flag is already in the game files by default, so that takes away the effort of literally re-texturing it. So it’s as easy as, extracting the Canadian .dds file and replacing the US flag with the Canadian one and stream it.


Yo im trying to do something of the sort, would you need anything in the __resource file ae like

this_is_a_map 'yes'



or anything of that sort?