[FIXED] ESX_Society Need Help with a error



Hello, i’m creating a new server, and when i’m starting the server, i get this error: Error running system event handling function for resource esx_society: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: Failed to execute thread: server/main.lua:39: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘?’)
stack traceback:
server/main.lua:39: in upvalue 'handler’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:175: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'error’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:41: in field 'CreateThreadNow’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:174: in function citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:138
hitch warning: frame time of 338 milliseconds

its from esx_society and yea… i cant fix it…

i Just Reinstalled everything, first essentialmode (with the other stuff) esx, than esx_jobs than the requirements. now its working ^^


You’d get more assistance by asking in the original thread of which you got this resource.


Check your jobs. If you just installed esx_jobs, start by changing Fuel to Fueler in the jobs table and the job grades table within your database


Worked great for me Thank you!