FiveM update - December 3rd, 2017, #2


Keep up the great work!


Fraps does not see the game
on the license works
previously worked


I would recommend OBS. Works great for me.


since this update my Lambda menu has stopped working !!!


yh here i updated my fivem and still i cant connect to my server… i keep getting this error ;

“Connection failed - Legacy servers are incompatible with this version of fivem. Update the server to the latest files from


Update your server then?


i have! it keeps saying “fivem is already installed,yo should launch it through the shortcut in the start menu”


No im not saying update FiveM im saying Update the FXServer


ah that makes sense, how do i update the FX server? ive replaced the files with the newest updated files and i still get the same error


It’s not FiveM’s fault you paid for a model which crashes you is it…


I mean, the fact you paid for anything is already a ToS breach, is it not?


Yes but I am not sure as he paid for a firetruck not specifically for fivem.


Last person that used that excuse got their stuff blacklisted so I wouldn’t be too sure.


I am gonna wait for a moderator / elements opinion haha.


We are not talking about that, we’re saying that you may have broke FiveM’s Terms Of Service by paying for the model.


Don’t know if that also applies here, but eh.


Since the new little FiveM update i am always alone on the RalFinger RP server altrough there are other players on the server and I still have a weird click sound in the background.:frowning:


Windows 7 can be installed or need to be Windows 10.


Windows 7 is no longer supported, its recommended to upgrade to 8.1 or 10


hitch warning: frame time of 184 milliseconds
hitch warning: frame time of 206 milliseconds
Sending heartbeat to
Sending heartbeat to
hitch warning: frame time of 26613 milliseconds
Sending heartbeat to
hitch warning: frame time of 1886 milliseconds
Sending heartbeat to
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