FiveM update - December 3rd, 2017, #2


We pushed another minor FiveM update. This one improves performance, and will be backed out if the number of new issues do not outweigh the gains.


Good to know, people are gonna be happy with preformance updates :slight_smile:


Thank you, the performance increase is really noticeable.


After this update me and my friend get FiveM crashes.


I’m trying to figure out why everyone is losing FPS after playing for sometime. Almost like clockwork, drop massive FPS after 45mins to an hour. Relog goes back to normal, then starts again… I’m at a loss. Tried everything. Anyone else have this issue?


Am I the only one getting lots of crashes after this update?


Nope report ive filed also, a few are having issues


Since this update, it seems like players on my server are crashing more (with no error, just freezes up) and people are falling through the ground as well.

Did the update change something related to custom vehicles?


probably scripts having a table/list filling up


also, the crashes that were noted should be fixed in the latest update hotfix, however the hotfix might’ve changed some script behavior that could have been relied on by bad scripts


Thanks for the hard work of the Collective, appreciate the continued effort.


After this patch I can longer login to my server it just doesn’t make any progress when logging into it and I’m using the PC the servers running on I’m stuck on this screen


Game is still unplayable. Crash crash crash :frowning:


im having the same issue man it ruins my rp experince


:face_vomiting: RP :face_vomiting:


I don’t think this would stop you from logging into your server. I would get ahold of your host and see whats up and see if they can figure it out.


i host the server myself ive been trying troubleshooting steps but fivem updated and fixed my issue so it isnt an issue any longer


I have finally found wtf was causing our major FPS drops… yep bad clientside script. Constantly looping. Ugh thank god lol.


How did you track down the issue?


He changed one of the scripts he had to not constantly loop.