FiveM Store


why don’t you make the FiveM addon store? so developer/coder can sell their addons and make a money.


Because it’s against the FiveM TOS.

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yes, its writed DONT TRY TO MAKE MONEY WITH FIVEM , you cant


so we cant sell rank or smth in our server?


Don’t try to make money off FiveM. Not even your game services. Covering costs incurred from third parties (server rent, product licensing, …) is fine, however any additional profit (including ‘donations’ other than to cover immediate costs) is not.

Read this and familiarize yourselves.


I think it is a good idea to add a type of store like it is on lspdfr and if they are going to add it when off corse they are going to remove the fivem tos part that is not allowed or maybe they are going to change it up a bit so people can sell scripts on the web page like on lspdfr and get free updates but say fivem get a 10% cut of the money so say if you sell a script for 50$ then the fivem team get 10% of the money then fivem get money and the creator so i think this is a good thing to add


How would they verify that the person selling the script is the one who made it?


Yeah that is something that need to be solved but But say for example only members that have Trust Level member is allowed then we are a bit more sure that there is people that are selling the script is a known member and say there is a verification process that staff have to do to verify that you are allowed to make a paid script on the webpage and they want to see prof of you making the script and reason for why they want money for it ect ect there is a lot of ways to do it

There is alot of ways to do it im just brain storing atm cuz there is alot of other places people sell stuff for example LSPDFR GTA 5 web page Spigot Minecraft web page There is a lot of different ways to do so and verify

Here is some scripts for the staff to take a look at

paid membership plugin


That’s not going to happen, you think T2 would be happy with the collective benefiting off their intellectual property? No, they barely like the project as is.


They already mentioned something about this.


Actually they are looking into it.


Think it’ll be a bad way to go honestly. The great bit about FiveM is how open people can be to sharing. Changing this will ruin the ‘community’ feel of server resources especially. People who are just in it for the money are doing it for the wrong reasons.


This would hurt the community as a whole and make “powerhouse” servers with all the money to buy scripts


I agree.


I think if FiveM makes a store you could sell things like a key to a gamemode like a DLC if you will. like they do with Call Of Duty maps.

Or just let trusted members with a cetain trust level sell scripts and not everyone because that will go wrong in a way there will be stolen scripts and code. And maybe somehow integrate the element club subscriptions into in so its not on a separate platform like patreon. Just some ideas.

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just like gmodstore.***


no thanks . without money involved and we saw how ESX project ended up . Con devs started scaming people and charging people for scripts they didn’t even make . I mean just go through the release section and see how many guys just grab already made scripts tweak them a little bit and combine them together and claim its theirs . its just gonna turn into a shit fest .


The only store FiveM needs is a merch store!